The stats on video are just unreal.

EVERYBODY watches videos, and almost everybody prefers getting information from videos instead of reading a lot of boring old text.

The following two facts alone ought to convince you that it’s time for you to incorporate video into all your marketing starting yesterday:

  • Video Ads increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%
  • Companies using videos in their marketing enjoy 27% higher CTR (clickthrough rate) and 34% higher web conversion rates

Not only that, but video is EXPLODING right now. As someone who hangs around the internet marketing field, I’ve never seen anything like it — all kinds of video assets (images and photos), software, audio, and anything else you can imagine have hit the market and are available everywhere. Video is HOT.

So it’s clear: your website needs video. Your social media posts need video. Your ads will do much better if they’re video ads or include video.

So let’s get started.

Types of Videos

Explainer * Video Sales Letter (VSL) * Quick Offer * Social Media Ads * Social Media Posts * Tutorials and How To’s

Explainer Videos are perhaps my favorite. They just explain about your company, product and/or service. They’re not long  — 30 to 90 sec ought to do it — they’re interesting and entertaining (as all effective video must be), and include your logo and contact information. But don’t feel like a sales pitch.

They help educate your customers and leads, and they help build those “like, know and trust” factors that are so essential for getting sales and building or expanding your customer base. And if you’re potential customer is ready to buy or arrange service, a good explainer video could be all they need to make the leap.

Video Sales Letters do include a sales pitch. But of course they do it in an interesting and compelling way — getting leads and customers to follow through to the end. Typically they identify a key problem your potential customers have, one that your company, product or service solves for them. Testimonials are a good addition for this type video (text quotes will do unless you have video clips), along with other conventional features of the typical sales letter. ALL videos should be relatively short, but VSLs are typically the longest. Still: attention spans keep getting shorter and shorter, so only as long as needed.

Quick Offer is a short video added after an initial sale as add-on sale, or to announce a special  sale or promotion. Kind of an Explainer – VSL combo, only short.

Social Media Ads – the name speaks for itself. If you spend any time on Facebook or Twitter, or some of the other social media sites, you’ve already seen these aplenty. If you’re already running social media ads, you definitely want to include some video ads.

Social Media Posts is where you can have the most fun. These are used not so much to sell, but for branding purposes — and to get people to like, follow, etc., and thereby build your base. You’ll want a series of these — some about your company or product, but you can also use branded memes and short videos. Here’s a sample using a great quote:

This started  out as a meme but I got carried away —


Tutorials and How To videos can build a great and very loyal audience. No matter what your product or service, as an expert in your field, you can easily come up with tips for your customers: how to clean your product or perform routine maintenance on your equipment, how often to check this or that, new ideas for using your product, etc., etc. The possibilities are endless. Every week you encounter customers who have questions or problems you can answer in such a video. Your customers will LOVE you.

If you need live video, you can try to have someone use either their videocam or even smartphone and I can then augment it with a suitable intro, captions, your logo, contact info, etc and music! If that isn’t feasible, I also have an experienced videographer we can call on.


More people will follow your video posts and ads to your website, and the increased traffic will boost your Google search rankings. And more importantly, boost your sales.

Videos on your website will increase visitor engagement and total time spent on your website, and that too helps your website rank higher on Google.

Hosting your videos on YouTube dramatically helps boost your chance of ranking on the first page of Google search results.

People don’t use the phone book anymore when they’re looking for where to buy your product or service, they immediately turn to Google. The higher you’re ranked in Google, the more likely your business will be the one they contact.